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The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) brings together nations, business, civil society, academics, and R&D institutions to promote social prosperity through more inclusive participation and growth across the digital economy.

A global digital organization

The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) was established in 2020 by seven member states to drive greater collaboration and cooperation across entrepreneurship, innovation, business growth and employment in a shared digital economy.

Its seven founding member nations are Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Nigeria Oman, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

By promoting common interests and collaborative digital transformation, the DCO's mission is to enable members to empower women, youth and entrepreneurs to accelerate growth across the digital economy, and achieve greater prosperity by promoting common interests and collaborative digital transformation.

MotivationThe Vital Importance of Multilateral Collaboration in the Digital Economy
Digital Transformation is affecting all aspects of life, from the way we live to how we do business, which significantly influences the growth of the digital economy, creating vast range of new economic opportunities for people and businesses around the world. The digital technologies and solutions that enable this rapid advance are also reshaping governments and citizens' interactions in ways that strengthen transparency, accountability, and performance.
At the same time, the rapid global proliferation of these technologies can also give rise to a newset of challenges, such as the digital divide, privacy, and trust. As digital transformation advances, these cross-border issues will become even more important for all countries.
Given the borderless nature of the technologies and data at the heart of the digital economy, we can only realize its full transformative potential and manage the challenges of its rise through global collaboration. The Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) will enable its members to align their national digital efforts as well as pool their collective capabilities and economic scale through mutually beneficial collaboration to create a new, multilateral space for digital growth and transformation.
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OUR VALUESGuided by our Shared ValuesDCO's collaborative actions are guided by our shared values
We don’t believe in settling for the status quo. In a world being transformed by rapid technological advances, we must set ambitious targets and strive to achieve them to ensure that no country, person or business is locked out of the future digital economy.
We believe in creating society-centric solutions that lead to greater prosperity and quality of life, and which are accessible across society.
DCO empowers groups that have a proven, significant role to play in developing the digital economy, including women, youth and entrepreneurs.
MEMBERS AND PARTNERSInclusive, Global MembershipThe DCO was established by a group of founding countries that share an interest in collaborating to realize their collective digital potential: the Kingdom of Bahrain, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, the State of Kuwait, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the Sultanate of Oman, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We underscore our openness to welcome additional members to the DCO who can subscribe to the organization’s vision, strategic goals, and shared values. In our quest to advance our digital transformations inclusively and in a multi-stakeholder approach, we welcome new members even beyond governments – including private sector entities, research and academic institutions, international organizations, civil society groups, and other institutions.Members
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PartnersAlongside its diverse and growing base of member states, the DCO forges partnerships with private companies, international organisations, NGOs academia, funds, and civil societies.While participating as non-voting members, these diverse entities are able to co-create initiatives and heavily shape outcomes.
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GovernanceStrong, Transparent Governance Enabling our CollaborationTo guide our collaborative efforts, the DCO is built on a strong foundation. Its governance includes three bodies: The Council of the organization, a General Secretariat, and temporary Committees that are established on an as-needed basis to engage in the realization of our collaboration agenda. The permanent General Secretariat organizes and administers the DCO’s work. Its headquarters is located in the city of Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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